Colin Dobson Field Guide to Hotspots and Birds in Illinois eBook : Dobson, Colin, Kassebaum, Dan , Misewicz, Matt, Oehmke, Dennis

An avid Illinois birder, Colin has seen over 385 species of birds over the past decade in IL. He has earned 6 Illinois Big Years. Colin recently authored a book about hotspots and birds in Illinois, Field Guide to Hotspots and Birds in Illinois and also co-authored a book about birding in Illinois, A Guide to Finding Birds Along the Illinois River Flyway. He is an experienced bird photographer and has a rare gift for spotting and identifying birds. He is currently a senior at the University of Illinois studying Wildlife Biology.

Colin has gained significant experience in the past few years by leading other birders on trips to spots throughout Illinois and traveling all over the United States. Those who have participated would unanimously agree that Colin has the knowledge, preparation, and personality to make any trip an engaging and pleasurable experience.

Colin is now offering to share his unique skills and knowledge with others through private guided group and or individual tours to help others see and enjoy all the birds Illinois and beyond has to offer!

Phone number: 217-473-0094

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