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Local authors are an essential part of the literary community. Knowing the contributions of local authors can help us understand the cultural heritage of a particular region as well as broaden our perspective of social, economic, political, or environmental constructs. Reading books by local authors makes a direct positive impact into the lives of those in your own community. In addition, exposing young readers to books written by local authors can assist in the expansion of their career explorations. Nothing is impossible when you believe in you!

Alan N. Webber

Alan Webber is the owner of a nationwide transportation and logistics company. He is also a newspaper columnist, blogger, and weekly podcast host. When not writing or running his business, Alan spends time futilely honing golf skills, reading, or spending time with his grandchildren. He resides in both Kankakee County, Illinois, and Maricopa County, Arizona.

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Tori Barney

Tori Barney is Columbia College Chicago graduate and has been published in literary magazines such as Hair Trigger and Study Breaks. Her most recent book “Rough Draft” is a collection of poems inspired by a writing challenge to write one poem a day for twenty one days. She’s had a love for literature for as long as she can remember and is excited for all the experiences to come within the writing world. You can check out some of her other work here:

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Gregory M Thompson Gregory M. Thompson: books, biography, latest update

Gregory M. Thompson is a horror, science fiction, and fantasy writer with a variety of credits in online and print magazines and anthologies (see the Works page). Writing since the early 1990s, he began in screenwriting and made the transition to fiction and comic writing in the early 2000s (though he does still write screenplays occasionally.) You can do the math on his age. Influences include Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway, and Scott Snyder. You can catch him making appearances at comic-cons (as an attendee and also in Artist/Author Alleys) and other types of shows and events.

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Ariana Torrence

About the book:
A workbook centered around learning and healing from childhood trauma and beyond. The foundation of this workbook is built upon the implementation of psychological theories and principles commonly used in therapeutic settings. The Healing Through Trauma Workbook provides structured questions based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Humanistic, and Psychodynamic approaches. This resource is designed to benefit anyone seeking a reliable and accessible mental health guide at their fingertips. This workbook covers a TON of important material that is beneficial to those who are beginning or continuing healing from traumatic experiences, the loss of a loved one, narcissistic abuse, and so much more. this workbook will expand your horizon and help individuals lead a happier and healthier life. This workbook focuses on psychological principles while also allowing individuals to pave the way toward what is important to them. Setting boundaries is an essential key to mental health and Healing Through Traumas’ focus is to help you discover yours!
About the author:
Ariana Torrence is actively immersed in expanding her knowledge in the field of clinical psychology. Her upbringing involved facing various traumatic events, notably the loss of her mother, Melissa Mercer Laneville, in 2014. Despite numerous hardships, Ariana overcame various obstacles to reach her current position. Her appreciation for journaling and creating empowering stories dates back to her childhood. After more than six years of focusing solely on academic writing, she felt compelled to develop a mental health workbook designed for anyone embarking on a journey of self-discovery.In addition to her scholarly pursuits, Ariana fulfills the roles of a devoted mother to a beautiful daughter and a distinguished U.S. Army Veteran. With a significant professional background in diverse mental health settings, Ariana currently focuses on essential psychological principles that she deems invaluable for the healing process. She aspires to advance her academic journey, acquiring additional expertise crucial for aiding individuals in overcoming challenges, particularly in situations where access to inpatient and outpatient services is limited.
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Demond Hicks

The Mindset Shift: A Powerful Collection Of 100 Affirmations: Hicks, Demond: 9798393317775: Books

Demond Hicks is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and devoted father based in Indianapolis. With a passion for inspiring others, Demond has curated captivating content through his book, “Keys to Elevate,” and his popular podcast, “Over Tha Top.” He also organizes dynamic networking and vendor events, bringing like-minded individuals together. Known for promoting positivity, Demond’s powerful publication, “The Mindset Shift,” features 100 affirmations that empower readers to embrace their full potential. In Indianapolis and beyond, Demond Hicks is recognized as a beacon of inspiration, leaving an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape.

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Tristen Brenaé Johnson, Ph.D.

Tristen Brenaé Johnson, Ph.D. (she/her) is a TEDx Speaker, author, scholar, curriculum designer, and mother. She has over 10 years of experience in curriculum development and diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has a Ph.D. from Illinois State University. Her research centers on the experiences of Black women diversity practitioners in historically white institutions. She is the owner of The Tristen Johnson, LLC, a consulting business centered on facilitation, training, keynote speaking, and developing curriculum around leadership, DEI, team building, and more. She is the lead author of the children’s book Black History Explorer: My Name, Our Power! a book about a young boy learning the origin of his name and the names of Black people in the U.S. The book hopes to encourage children to embrace the power of their names and familial heritage.

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Micki Abels

My Soul Contract: A Teaching Memoir of Trauma, Truth, and Transformation - Kindle edition by Abels, Micki, Wick, Christine, Basu, Ritta, Brooks, Valerie. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Made You Smile Today?: A book of feelings and connection (Paperback) | Wild RumpusMy Soul Contract: A Teaching Memoir of Trauma, Truth, and Transformation: Abels, Micki, Basu, Ritta M, Brooks, Valerie, Wick, Christine: 9798985187700: BooksMy Soul Contract: A Teaching Memoir of Trauma, Truth, and Transformation: Abels, Micki, Basu, Ritta M, Brooks, Valerie, Wick, Christine: 9798985187700: Books

Micki Abels is a writer, author, intuitive transformational life coach and meditation instructor. Micki’s love of writing can only be surpassed by her love of being a wife, mother, and grandmother. She and her husband reside in rural Illinois. Micki’s published titles include My Soul Contract, A Teaching Memoir of Trauma, Truth, and Transformation and What Made You Smile Today? A book of feelings and connection. Micki welcomes time in nature, allowing her bare feet to connect to the earth. She loves her solitude and spending time with family and friends equally. A perfectly relaxing afternoon includes a body of water, a crackling fire, and a good book. Find out more about Micki at her website below!

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My Soul Contract: A Teaching Memoir of Trauma, Truth, and Transformation a book by Micki Abels, Thewriteedit Com, and Ritta M. Basu (

What Made You Smile Today?: A book of feelings and connection a book by Micki Abels and Angelina Lamie (

Tyler Riemenschneider

Tyler Riemenschneider is a graduate of Governors State University. He enjoys reading and writing in his spare time and has been a fan of literature since a young age. He has published several books and dedicates them to his family and friends for their support.

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Walking the Dark Path a book by Tyler Riemenschneider (

The Understudy a book by Tyler Riemenschneider (