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Jessica Mailloux knew at a young age that she wanted to be a writer. She even had a handful of teachers throughout school encourage her to keep writing and to follow her dreams. Before she could write as a child, she would draw stories by hand or even use figurines to build a world with a story behind it. As Jessica got older, writing became a therapeutic outlet she used to cope with stress or depression, especially as a teenager. But as life got better, so did her writing skills and her passion for the art.

While crafting stories, she’s usually listening to symphonic metal or film scores as a source of inspiration. Part of Jessica’s writing style is that she will combine a variety of unique concepts. For example, an immortal hillbilly that was born in the Old West and wields a crystal sword, or mountains in the Midwest that imprison an ominous force. You just never know what sort of collaborations you’ll encounter with Jessica Mailloux’s writing style.

Residing in northern Illinois, Jessica also enjoys illustrating, reading, singing, motorsports, and anything medieval, which resulted in her huge sword collection.

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