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Local authors are an essential part of the literary community. Knowing the contributions of local authors can help us understand the cultural heritage of a particular region as well as broaden our perspective of social, economic, political, or environmental constructs. Reading books by local authors makes a direct positive impact into the lives of those in your own community. In addition, exposing young readers to books written by local authors can assist in the expansion of their career explorations. Nothing is impossible when you believe in you!

CJ Rose C.J. Rose: books, biography, latest update

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Bridge of the Gods: A Generation Chronicles Novel a book by C. J. Rose and Dusty Ellard (

To Rescue a King: A Generation Son Chronicles Novel a book by C. J. Rose and Dusty Ellard (

To Bring Him Home: A Generation Son Chronicles Novel a book by C. J. Rose and Dusty Ellard (

Tales of the Voudou Queen: An Order of the Tempest Series Novel a book by C. J. Rose and Dusty Ellard (

The Execution of a Queen: An Order of the Tempest Series Novel a book by C. J. Rose and Dusty Ellard (

Jessica Mailloux Jessica Mailloux: books, biography, latest updateSymphony of Steel (The Freedom Fighter... by Mailloux, Jessica

Jessica Mailloux knew at a young age that she wanted to be a writer. She even had a handful of teachers throughout school encourage her to keep writing and to follow her dreams. Before she could write as a child, she would draw stories by hand or even use figurines to build a world with a story behind it. As Jessica got older, writing became a therapeutic outlet she used to cope with stress or depression, especially as a teenager. But as life got better, so did her writing skills and her passion for the art.

While crafting stories, she’s usually listening to symphonic metal or film scores as a source of inspiration. Part of Jessica’s writing style is that she will combine a variety of unique concepts. For example, an immortal hillbilly that was born in the Old West and wields a crystal sword, or mountains in the Midwest that imprison an ominous force. You just never know what sort of collaborations you’ll encounter with Jessica Mailloux’s writing style.

Residing in northern Illinois, Jessica also enjoys illustrating, reading, singing, motorsports, and anything medieval, which resulted in her huge sword collection.

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Colin Dobson Field Guide to Hotspots and Birds in Illinois eBook : Dobson, Colin, Kassebaum, Dan , Misewicz, Matt, Oehmke, Dennis

An avid Illinois birder, Colin has seen over 385 species of birds over the past decade in IL. He has earned 6 Illinois Big Years. Colin recently authored a book about hotspots and birds in Illinois, Field Guide to Hotspots and Birds in Illinois and also co-authored a book about birding in Illinois, A Guide to Finding Birds Along the Illinois River Flyway. He is an experienced bird photographer and has a rare gift for spotting and identifying birds. He is currently a senior at the University of Illinois studying Wildlife Biology.

Colin has gained significant experience in the past few years by leading other birders on trips to spots throughout Illinois and traveling all over the United States. Those who have participated would unanimously agree that Colin has the knowledge, preparation, and personality to make any trip an engaging and pleasurable experience.

Colin is now offering to share his unique skills and knowledge with others through private guided group and or individual tours to help others see and enjoy all the birds Illinois and beyond has to offer!

Phone number: 217-473-0094

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Jim Ridings

Jim Ridings was born in Joliet, Illinois. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1976. He was a reporter for The Daily Times in Ottawa and The Beacon-News in Aurora. He won more than a dozen awards for investigative reporting at both newspapers, from the Associated Press, United Press International, Copley Press, Illinois Press Association, Northern Illinois Newspaper Association, Aurora Lions Club, SDX Society of Professional Journalists and other organizations. Jim Ridings was presented a Studs Terkel Humanities Service Award from the Illinois Humanities Council in 2006. Ridings has written and published 32 books of local Illinois history, nine of which have won awards from the Illinois State Historical Society. Find out more about Jim at his website below.

Kankakee Historical Gift Books | Author Jim Ridings | Illinois

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