Demond Hicks

The Mindset Shift: A Powerful Collection Of 100 Affirmations: Hicks, Demond: 9798393317775: Books

Demond Hicks is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and devoted father based in Indianapolis. With a passion for inspiring others, Demond has curated captivating content through his book, “Keys to Elevate,” and his popular podcast, “Over Tha Top.” He also organizes dynamic networking and vendor events, bringing like-minded individuals together. Known for promoting positivity, Demond’s powerful publication, “The Mindset Shift,” features 100 affirmations that empower readers to embrace their full potential. In Indianapolis and beyond, Demond Hicks is recognized as a beacon of inspiration, leaving an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape.

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The Mindset Shift: A Powerful Collection Of 100 Affirmations a book by Demond Hicks (